Please join us on Sunday, Sept. 10 for our church picnic, with worship, food, fun, and love! Wear your blue church or youth shirts too! Pastor Carrie will be face-painting, and there will be kickball and great food, and wonderful fellowship and the blessing of an outdoor service! ALL AGES WELCOME! If you don’t want to sit at the picnic tables for service, feel free to bring your own lawn chairs, and please sign up at the church to bring food or dessert to share!


September 17 is the magic date when we begin Sunday School for kids AND adults! Join us after worship to keep learning about God’s love! Pastor Carrie’s Sunday School class will be learning about the parts of the church covenant each week, to know why we do and believe what we do, and will focus throughout the year on DISCIPLESHIP!


Fall Senior Youth Group begins Sunday, September 17 at 7pm for grades 6 and up, and runs until 8:30pm. We’ll be having a great time exploring the Bible for life and faith, as well as a HARDCORE LEVEL UP AND ATTENDANCE DRIVE!!! Just WAIT until you see some of the fun and prizes we’ll offer! But you have to come to see! Reminder: attendance at worship and church functions, inviting and bringing friends, memorizing Bible verses, and service all contribute to both your discipleship, AND winning the drive! Our theme will be THE GAME OF LIFE!!! Are you ready to play?

Juniors Youth Group begins Thursday, September 21, and we’re doing something a bit different this year! Since the kids are so fond of singing, and so great at it, and love skits and puppets too, we’re going to settle a bit closer with the church music program, and Junior Youth Group will now be called JOYFUL NOISE KIDS! We will start at 6:30pm with snacks, a lesson, and fun activities and crafts, and follow up with music and skits that will run from 7:00pm until 7:30pm. With each new song, skit, and Bible story, we’ll talk about the importance of what happened when God acted back then – and then apply these awesome lessons to our own lives every day!


As our youth get older, it’s time to talk about important things, like what the Bible has to say about sex and relationships. The youth will be offered an evening this fall for a lesson and a Q & A session on a date soon to be announced. Parents will need to sign permission slips for youth to attend, but the CY Team would like to encourage all parents and older youth to discuss the possibility of attendance. Also, as a parental resource, the youth program has received a gift of several topical books dealing with sex and relationships from two highly trained medical and educational members of our congregation. These books are available upon request from Pastor Carrie.