Who We Are

Our mission is to birth and develop mature disciples of Jesus Christ characterized by faith, hope, and love.


Our congregation is:


We focus on Jesus Christ as the only mediator between a sinful world and a holy, perfect God. Jesus is “the way, the truth and the life,” and only through his sacrifice on the cross for us do we have the hope of forgiveness and eternal life. Following Jesus is the only hope for us to live a victorious, joyful, God-pleasing life!


While many “voices” try to influence our lives today we focus on God’s word as the supreme guide to living a God-pleasing life. God’s will for us is contained in God’s word, Therefore we stress the study and application of biblical principles in the life of every member.

Committed to discipleship

A disciple is a learner possessing a lifelong commitment to spiritual growth and service to Christ. We are committed to providing opportunities for each member to pursue spiritual maturity and become equipped to help others meet, know and serve Jesus Christ. The discipleship process happens in Christian education classes, home discipleship groups and informal relationships.


Our congregation has a strong tradition of reaching out to the world with the love of Jesus Christ in word and deed. We strive to be generous in our financial support of many international, national and local Christian missions. Through church service projects and on their own many members volunteer their time to work with various organizations to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people.

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