Leadership Community

The Leadership Community (LC) consists of the pastor, associate pastor, church moderator and the chairpersons of the six ministry teams, for a total of nine members. The LC meets monthly and has the following responsibilities:

  1. Communicate and promote the biblical mission and vision of the church.
  2. Consider and discuss all matters pertaining to the mission and ministry of the church.
  3. Set policies and make decisions on all matters that do not require action and approval by the entire congregation.
  4. Determine matters that should be brought to the entire congregation for action, and facilitate that action.
  5. Coordinate and support the ministries of the various ministry teams so they reflect and accomplish the mission and vision of the church.
  6. Review a proposed annual budget and present it to the congregation for approval.
  7. Approve position descriptions and employment conditions and hire and fire all church staff, excluding pastoral positions, upon recommendation of the appropriate ministry team.
  8. Direct all ministry concerns to the appropriate ministry team.
  9. Serve as personnel and pastoral relations committee, conducting pastoral staff reviews and overseeing the Church Clerk.
  10. Receive and review monthly reports from the Treasurer and Missions Treasurer.


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