Coming Events

For more information on the following events please contact the church office at 856-299-2123 or




As we deal with the restrictions around the pandemic, we need to be creative.   I want to do some 3D visits if you are game.   3D stands for DECK OR DRIVEWAY DIALOGUES.   Here is the idea…. I will come to your house with my own deck chair and visit you outside on your driveway or deck at a safe social distance.   In this way, we are respecting the restrictions, but I also can begin to get to know you all.   If you are uncomfortable with this idea, when I call to set up a visit, just please say so and we can visit on the phone or another time… I will understand and not be offended.  Realize this will take me a little while to accomplish, so be patient if you don’t hear from me in the first week or two.  *** And looking at the weather this week.. we might have to wait for it to warm up a bit 🙃 ***



As things begin to reopen in our area, we are making plans to re-gather for worship as a community of faith.  Here is the plan:

IN JULY:    We will be worshiping together OUTSIDE at the church.   You can come and sit in your lawn chairs or a blanket  OR   remain in your vehicles.   We will do church in the parking lot and lawn.   There will be singing, preaching, praying and I am sure some horn honking… Albeit at proper social distance.   If weather is inclement, we will worship in Fellowship Hall… knowing are numbers will be down.  Remember, Sunday Worship begins at 9:00 a.m.

IN AUGUST:   We will move back into the Sanctuary with proper and appropriate precautions.

*** PLEASE KNOW that at least throughout the summer, we also will continue to post sermons and all  on our website, Facebook and YouTube.  That will continue to happen even as we worship in the parking lot and the sanctuary this summer.***























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