Stewardship Team

Here at First Baptist Church at Pedricktown, we have a very active Stewardship Team. The team’s overall goal is to use God’s resources effectively so that more people will meet and put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. The team carries out the following duties:

    • Manages God’s resources for effectively carrying out the church’s mission statement through the ministry teams of our church.
    • Ensures that each team has the necessary resources for their areas of ministry
    • Oversees all issues regarding use of finances and church property
    • Supervises the custodian, church secretary and church treasurer
    • Prepares annual church budgets for the Leadership Community
    • Secures audits of all church financial operations
    • Oversees budgeted expenditures
    • Oversees the work of the Treasurer  and Financial Secretary.
    • Appoints a liaison to the Amazing Grace Early Education Center (pre-school housed in church).

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