Adult Discipleship Team

The FBC recognizes that walking with Christ requires each believer to be a lifelong learner. The Adult Discipleship Team is tasked with providing varying opportunities for adults in Christ to learn more about the Savior and following His will in our lives. Through studies of scripture we hope to provide the Biblical grounding each adult needs to live in faith in the world today. Through teaching and adult ministry efforts, we hope to reach out to those who need direction in following our Lord. Through fellowship, we hope to build up the body of Christ to be caring, able to discern need in others, and full of hope for God’s world.

The Adult Discipleship Team offers the following activities…open to all:

  • Classes for adults to study together each Sunday, following worship and fellowship times.
  • Small discipleship groups that meet in homes and at the church throughout the week. These groups work together in close community to support spiritual growth in their members and help bring Christ’s love into the world.
  • The Master’s Plan for Making Disciples study by the church ministry teams and leadership.
  • Studies about how to deal with the issues facing the parenting of our children in a very confusing and busy world.
  • Studies planned about how believers can better share their faith with non-believers.
  • Divorce Care meetings for those experiencing relationship loss – beginning soon.
  • Prayer Vigils and Prayer Breakfasts are offered throughout the year.

Adults in the church and those youth coming to Christ through the ordinance of Believer’s Baptism and/or those who seek church membership are guided and shepherded as well by the Adult Discipleship Team. Developing new Christians and bringing new members into community are vitally important to living out of the FBC ministry emphasis, “to birth and develop mature disciples of Jesus Christ, characterized by faith, hope, and love. “

As a newly developing ministry focus, the Adult Discipleship Team is prayerfully examining the direction God will take our ministries and remain open to suggestions. We are anxious to hear the ideas others may have as we move ahead. We ask God to guide all our steps and look forward to what will come next!


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