Our Mission: To birth and develop mature disciples of Jesus Christ who are characterized by faith, hope and love.

For several years our congregation has been making an intentional effort to live out our mission statement, which is based on the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20). We want it to be more than nice words on a piece of paper and actually be a description of how we are living our lives for Jesus and His kingdom.

For too long, many churches have focused on decisions instead of disciples. Once someone decides to follow Jesus and is baptized the church proclaims, “Mission accomplished!” But Jesus commanded us to make disciples. This is a lifelong process that begins at baptism.

A disciple then, is someone who is equipped to help others put their faith in Jesus and become His faithful servants.

We are now studying the book The Master’s Plan for Making Disciples by Win and Charles Arn. They cite Jesus’ understanding of a disciple: “He saw a disciple as one who becomes a follower, who is taught, who is nurtured in the faith, who in turn goes out to make disciples, who are then taught and nurtured in the faith, who in turn then go out” (p. 24).

In 2011 we formed the first of several discipleship groups to help our members study the Bible, develop close relationships and become prepared to share their faith with those who need to get to know Jesus Christ. One of the great benefits to group members is that they develop a strong bond with one another. Their relationships are deepened and they feel a tremendous sense of support and encouragement from other group members as they all grow together spiritually. This helps members become more confident in sharing their faith with others.

Each group member makes the following commitment:

As a member of this discipleship group I agree to do the following:

  1. I will make group meetings a top priority in my schedule. Therefore, I will do my best to attend every meeting.
  2. I will complete all readings and exercises prior to each meeting for my own spiritual benefit and out of respect for the group members.
  3. I will come to the meetings prepared to participate fully. I will openly share my thoughts and feelings, and allow others the same opportunity.
  4. I will keep confidential all things of a personal nature shared by others.

By obeying the Great Commission we want to focus on helping as many people as possible to develop a close, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As Christians the greatest privilege we have is to introduce someone else to Jesus so they can experience the love, forgiveness and peace He has to offer—and of course, make more disciples.

We invite you to join us in the discipleship process!


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