Associate Pastor of Youth and Young Families

First Baptist of Pedricktown, NJ is seeking an Associate Pastor of Youth and Young Families with a target start date of November 1, 2018.  Interested candidates should send a current resume to fbcop@comcast.net.

This position will have a predominant focus in the area of youth and young families (married and single adults), but not be limited to these areas. The associate pastor shall be under the direct supervision of the pastor and monitored by the Leadership Community.

Background Requirements:

  • A committed and maturing follower of Jesus Christ.
  • An undergraduate degree that focuses on biblical theology and ministry.
  • A proven track record of being a team player.
  • Understands youth culture and has the ability to effectively communicate with children and teenagers.
  • While the candidate does not have to have an American Baptist background, it is expected that he or she will be supportive of the principles of denominational life.


  1. The associate pastor will offer coordination, guidance and support to all youth/young adult programs. He/she will directly supervise the senior and junior high youth programs and teach a youth Sunday School class as agreed upon with the Children and Youth Discipleship Team.
  2. Develop a vibrant youth ministry that relates to the church mission statement (to birth and develop mature disciples of Jesus Christ characterized by faith, hope and love). The program should offer balanced growth in the areas of biblical knowledge, spiritual formation, Christian service, and fellowship/fun activities. The youth should be discipled to assume greater levels of responsibility and service within the ministries of the church and the greater Kingdom of God.
  3. Offer pastoral care/counseling to youth and their families as needed.
  4. Offer support and special programs to parents of youth. Develop strong communication and engagement with parents and guardians of youth.
  5. Reach out to the unchurched youth of the local community and become actively involved in community matters.
  6. Organize and Lead Mission Trips in coordination with the Leadership Community.
  7. Organize Annual Youth Sunday Event in which the youth run the entire service. Encourage intergenerational activities to help strengthen the youth’s connection to the congregation.
  8. Recruit and train assistant youth group leaders as needed.
  9. Lead the Vacation Bible School program in partnership with the Children and Youth Discipleship Team.
  10. Encourage youth to attend summer Christian camping programs such as Baptist Camp Lebanon.
  11. Preach at the morning worship service as arranged with the pastor and the Leadership Community.
  12. Assume the duties of the pastor during absence of the pastor.
  13. Attend monthly meetings of the Children and Youth Discipleship Team and the Leadership Community and meet with the pastor regularly to coordinate all ministry activities.
  14. Teach and prepare children and youth for baptism.
  15. Deliver weekly children’s sermon during Sunday worship.
  16. Other pastoral ministry duties as coordinated with the pastor and the Leadership Community.

Annual Compensation
Housing (Fair rental value of parsonage)       20,400+
Utilities (Heat, electric, water)                               4,200
Auto reimbursement                                                  1,200
Cash Salary                                               Range 12,000 – 15,000 (based on experience and degree)
Total                                                                             $37,800 – $40,800**

The position is for approximately 25 hours per week.

Two paid weeks (Sunday thru Saturday) of personal time off (PTO) offered per year, which can be taken in smaller increments with advanced notice/approval from the Leadership Community.

This position may be terminated by either the church or the associate pastor provided 30 days written notice is given to the other party.

+Realtor’s May, 2018 fair rental value of parsonage.

**Includes recent fair rental value of parsonage and package under current budget, but negotiable.


Job Description: Piano Accompanist

The Piano Accompanist shall be a person who has made a personal commitment to Christ.

The Piano Accompanist shall:

  • In collaboration with the Minister of Music, plan and coordinate monthly Sunday Worship Service music schedules.
  • Provide piano accompaniment during Sunday morning Worship services, and special services as needed (such as Christmas Eve), including accompaniment for:
  • Senior Choir – Sept thru June
  • Junior Choir – Sept thru May
  • Praise Team – All year
  • Assist with the Junior Choir and provide piano accompaniment during weekly rehearsals (30 minutes per week Sept thru May on Thursday nights).
  • Provide piano accompaniment during weekly Senior Choir rehearsals (1 hour per week Sept thru June on Thursday nights).
  • Assist Minister of Music with Praise Team rehearsals – (1 ½ hours, twice per month on alternate Wednesday nights.)
  • Rehearse with and provide accompaniment for soloists as needed, but not to exceed two practices and services per month.
  • Arrive at church 9am for rehearsals with Praise Team and Choirs as needed, and to play a prelude for the service.
  • Play a postlude as coordinated with the Minister of Music weekly.