Job Description: Piano Accompanist

The Piano Accompanist shall be a person who has made a personal commitment to Christ.

The Piano Accompanist shall:

  • In collaboration with the Minister of Music, plan and coordinate monthly Sunday Worship Service music schedules.
  • Provide piano accompaniment during Sunday morning Worship services, and special services as needed (such as Christmas Eve), including accompaniment for:
  • Senior Choir – Sept thru June
  • Junior Choir – Sept thru May
  • Praise Team – All year
  • Assist with the Junior Choir and provide piano accompaniment during weekly rehearsals (30 minutes per week Sept thru May on Thursday nights).
  • Provide piano accompaniment during weekly Senior Choir rehearsals (1 hour per week Sept thru June on Thursday nights).
  • Assist Minister of Music with Praise Team rehearsals – (1 ½ hours, twice per month on alternate Wednesday nights.)
  • Rehearse with and provide accompaniment for soloists as needed, but not to exceed two practices and services per month.
  • Arrive at church 9am for rehearsals with Praise Team and Choirs as needed, and to play a prelude for the service.
  • Play a postlude as coordinated with the Minister of Music weekly.